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About Us

Shanyn & Wayne Pedersen,
Pop Up Homes.

Hello. We’re Shanyn and Wayne Pedersen, the owners of Pop Up Homes. Our business is located in Queensland and we provide homes to New South Wales and Queensland.

We’re married, with four girls. We’re blessed with two 23-year-old daughters, a 22-year-old, and the youngest being 17. We also have one grandson, and there are many reasons why we are in the Pop Up Home business.

Wayne and I have been in the market of housing for 15 years and we’ve seen the way it’s grown, the way it’s changed, and the way a lot of housing has turned upside down and lost value.


Sadly, a lot of people have lost out on their investment, so they need to do something… they need to change, and with that comes progressive thinking.

Buying a pop up home is a proven low-cost alternative way to start or build on your property portfolio.

  • We’ve also been investing and renovating homes for the past 15 years ourselves. So, our interest in Pop Up Homes came about because of our love of property, and because renovating is becoming expensive, as is building.

The way we and our customers see it is that affordable housing is becoming the answer, because the square meter rate for building is becoming unbearable, even for renovating, whereas with a pop up home our customers see the potential to be able to make it into an investment, in more ways than one, and not as an expense.

Another reason we started Pop Up Homes was that there was a time when a traditional home would double in value and price every 7 -10 years. These days, there’s no more doubling your money in ten years, because the housing market is just not doing that anymore.

So, by adding another dwelling to an existing property, such as a Pop Up Home for example, homeowners are injecting a return on their investment straight away, instantaneously.

And while many people just say it, we really mean what we say!

We’re really passionate about people, improving people’s lifestyles, property investing and helping people get a start in life by thinking outside the traditional home owners idea and thinking about how they can get into their own home.


Other reasons we started Pop Up Homes are…

  • We wanted to ensure that our children could maybe carry on the business when we no longer could.
  • And we’ve got the experience behind us to help others get a start or find a solution when it comes to accommodation. So why not share our experiences with others so they can do the same?


So there you have it! A little of the Shanyn & Wayne Pedersen story and how and why we started Pop Up Homes, which I am sure you will get to know in more detail as you get to know us better.

Our temporary or permanent Pop Up Homes are perfect for use as granny flats, spare rooms, an investment, renovating, first home, downsizing, deluxe camp accommodation and much more.

Put one on a block you can’t build on, relocate it whenever you like, or live in it while building your dream home.

They’re a great space for the adult children while they leave or save for a home of their own. They also make ideal University accommodation and are perfect for caravan parks or your own bed and breakfast, so find out more today with our complimentary price guide.

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