For home owners planning to downsize or looking to invest in property; Pop Up Homes provides a range of perfectly suited, high quality 1, 2 and 3 bedroom home solutions that are affordable, reliable & practical. Pop Up Homes is focused entirely on ensuring the very best small home solution is delivered on time and on budget

The Keppel
37 square metres - 1 Bedroom

From $41,990

The Fraser
58 square metres - 2 Bedrooms

From $54,990

The Moreton
58 square metres - 3 Bedrooms

From $55,990

A Versatile Option

A Pop Up Home can be an affordable instant source of extra income; a clever downsizing option; comfortable accommodation for adult children or elderly parents; or a convenient home office, while increasing the total value of your property.

Adding a Pop Up Home investment not only increases the value of a property, but also provides positive rental returns. Retirees are now opting to downsize into a Pop Up Home leaving their larger home to rent out or for their children to live in. A Pop Up Home is an ideal solution for young singles to have their own space while allowing them to save to buy their own home. It has all the work space they need with the convenience and cost savings of being just meters from home.

Benefits of a Pop Up Home

Quick Installation

Once delivered, your Pop Up Home is opened up in 2 hours and ready for you to move in to in just 5 days.

Site Accessibility

Given their compact size and versatility, our Pop Up Homes are ideal for tight or remote locations.


Pop Up Homes are the affordable option for homeowners /investors, retirees, young singles or as a home office

Construction Assurance

All our homes meet Australian building standards and come with a 10-year structural warranty on galvanised steel framing.

Additional Income

Utilize your exisiting land to duplicate income, our Pop Up Homes specialists will show you how.

Meet Your Needs

Work with us to select the home design that works for you.

Process Management

From initial enquiry to handover, we are with you all the way to make it a simple and easy process.


Pop Up Homes is an ideal investment option to add value to your current residential property or a possible tax deduction for your small business.

Why Our Clients Love Their Pop Up Home

Pop Up Homes are the affordable option for homeowners /investors, retirees, young singles or as a home office.

Don and Lois
1 Bedroom Pop Up Home

Pop Up Home

Pop Up Home