Frequently Asked Questions About Pop Up Homes and Pre Fabricated Homes

Q. Are they Cyclone rated?

A. They are cyclone rated for region “C”.

Q. Have you had any passed through council?

A. Yes, we have had the majority of our homes passed through council. We work closely with our certifiers to ensure the certification and council process is a breeze. Our process includes a Certifier pre-check which guarantees your Pop Up Home is approved by Council.

Q. What sizes do your Pop Up Homes come in?

A. We offer 1, 2 and 3 bedroom homes, our homes range from 37 SQM to 61 SQM. We can also offer 4 bedroom options by adding an extra room on our 3 bedroom floor plans. We can also configure 2 Pop Up Homes side by side, joined by a deck and skillion roof to increase the number of bedrooms and living areas if you wish. There are many options and configurations available to satisfy your requirements.

Q. Are the homes a pre fabricated home?

A. Yes, they are and they are built specifically to suit the ever-changing housing situations and to meet the needs of many.

Q. What warranty does your product have?

A. There is a 7-year structural warranty.

Q. Do they have SAA Approved Electrical Wiring?

A. Yes, our homes have SAA Approved Electrical Wiring.

Q. Can I customise my new Pop Up Home?

A. Yes, of course. Keeping in mind the way the homes expands. The most common option is the additional sliding door in the lounge room. Please ask us for all of the options available.

Q. Do you deliver Australia wide?

A. Currently, we supply and deliver within Queensland and New South Wales.

Q. Can I get the first homeowners’ grant for a Pop Up Home?

A. You may be eligible for the first home owners grant if:
• You’re at least 18 years of age.
• You’re an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
• You or your spouse have not previously owned property in Australia.
• You’re building or buying a new home.
• The value of the home is under $750,000.
See First Home Owners Initiatives QLD for more details.

Q. What’s the biggest size you offer?

A. The largest size is a three-bedroom home. We make them up to 61 SQM which covers most Council's for primary dwellings. Please give us a call for a custom quote.

Q. Do they need separate power if we already have power to the property?

A. No, they do not require a separate meter box, unless you want this. The Pop Up Home can be run off of your existing mains power to the house, much the same as plugging in a caravan. If you would like to install solar, you are able to be completely off-grid.

Q. Do you do the installation of the homes?

A. Yes, we have an experienced team of installers who install your home in 6 - 10 days for a basic package. We install our homes under a QBCC licence.

Q. Do you do the footings?

A. Yes, we do the footings and connection of the footings to the homes. We use a surefoot footing system that does not leave your yard in a mess, No concrete trucks and no bobcats and very little land preparation required.

Q. Do you have a Pop Up Home I can come to see?

A. Yes, we have a display homes located all over South-East Queensland with many of our customers throughout QLD love showing off their homes. Please call us to make an appointment to view a home nearest to you.

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