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What are a THOW and TH? A THOW is ‘’Tiny house on wheels’’ TH is ‘’tiny house’’. Originating in America in 2005, after they were used to accommodate hurricane Katrina victims, and in the wake of 2007-2008 global financial crisis hit and people started looking for an affordable alternative and this is where the Tiny house movement was born.

THOW and TH have been steadily gaining a foothold in the Australian Population. The average size for THOW can be anywhere between 30 square meters to 40 square meters. A conventionally built house can be anywhere from 240 square meters and up. Tiny house on wheels and a Tiny house has the character and functionality of a permanent house and are fixed to the land or on wheels.

The average cost of THOW or TH can be anywhere between $30,000 and $180,000, but the average falls between $60,000 to $160,000. Some people are shocked at how much a THOW or TH can cost while others can’t believe how inexpensive they are, it comes down to peoples budgets and expectations of what they want out of THOW or TH. A general figure if you’re deciding to build your THOW on the foundation the price can start from $15,000 and the average price for people that want to build their THOW on a trailer can start from $15,000

There are other contributing factors in the cost of your THOW or TH to take into consideration.

  • The cost of materials: If you choose to go with all new material for your THOW or TH the price can increase depending on what material you choose or if you decide to go with all recycled material. You might be able to save a bit of money but bear in mind the time it takes for you to organise the recycled building material while making sure the quality and quantity of the recycled building material are suitable and safe to use for your THOW or TH build.
  • The complexity of your building plans. The smaller you get the more intricate your design will be. Everyone wants to save space in their THOW or TH so you will always be trying to add space-saving ideas.
  • If you choose a builder to build your THOW or TH: A builder may charge more depending on the complexity of your design. A THOW or TH is nothing like a conventional build, which already has set specifications the builder can follow. A builder will have to use all their knowledge to ensure that your THOW or TH is legal and liveable with your Council.
  • If you choose to DIY build on your THOW or TH, you may be able to save money on labour. But a lot of people don’t take into consideration that you have to take more than 2 months of work to able to build your THOW or TH and the loss of your wages can be detrimental to you.

The biggest problem

with THOW is that in Australia the local councils don’t see it as a permanent dwelling and they class a THOW as a caravan. The problem here is that legally, you’re not allowed to live in a caravan full time in Australia. You might be able to get a permit from your local council but it’s nearly impossible for you to get. There have been some cases in Australia where people have won the right to live in a caravan permanent, but it has required a lot of work and is not for the faint-hearted.

There are a few people that have seen the trend in Australia and have opened their large properties to accommodate THOW or TH. There are also Facebook pages that help other THOW and TH owners find land that they can build on.

Shanyn the director of Pop Up Homes.

has extensive knowledge in the housing market and has seen a worrying trend of the Australian housing market. It is no longer sustainable and affordable for the average person to build their own home or purchase one that is already on the market, there are many factors as to why it is no longer sustainable and affordable.

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 Affordable Housing Solution

Shanyn has designed and developed a solution to bring sustainable and affordable housing to Australia. Thus, Pop Up Homes was developed. It is an Australian born Tiny home, they come in 2 sizes and 3 styles The Keppel is a 1 bedroom 37 square metre that includes a kitchen and bathroom facilities, The Fraser is a 2 bedroom 58 square metre that includes a kitchen and bathroom facilities, The Moreton is a 3 bedroom 58 square metre that includes a kitchen and bathroom facilities.

As part of a package, we will look after all the council certification, footings, installation and planning for your Pop Up Home. We at Pop Up Homes have never had an issue with certifying our Pop Up Home anywhere in QLD because it is classed as 1a dwelling.

We have broken down the average square metre cost for Pop Up Homes range and the average cost of a THOW or TH. The calculations are based on the average costing of the build and Pop Up Home.

Keep in mind that these calculations don’t include land.

  • 37 square metre Pop Up Home is $1080.81 per SQM, this may change depending on your circumstances.
  • 58 square metre Pop Up Home is $861.89 per SQM, this may change depending on your circumstance.
  • 37 square metre Tiny house on wheels or Tiny house is $1756.76 per SQM, this may change depending on your circumstance.

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